"I can recommend Mila as a business coach without any doubt. She worked on the branding and marketing of my company and gave me very valuable hints on how to structure key messages to my clients.


Mila is genuinely interested to help you advance with your ideas and dreams. She is always there to give feedback or advise encouraging me to keep going. Mila is a ‘DOer’ very reliable and quick. In case it was not her field of expertise she opened her network to me."


Karen Rauschenbach

Founder and CEO of the Blue suit and CEO of seif



"Mila has excellent directing skills. She helped me a lot to redefine my personal/professional success model, combining my personal work-life balance desire and my endeavor goals.


Mila focuses always on goals efficiently but at the same time demonstrates a humble perspective in relationships that I consider crucial for being supportive.


I would recommend Mila as business coach and help you in your transformational process. She will conduct you through your honest vision."


Pablo Macias Bou

Founder at Khora Urban Thinkers


"Mila is a great listener. She encourages you to think about yourself, take risks, grow and...enjoy doing it! A very warm, supportive and authentic sparring partner that brings out the best in people around her.


Mila is the kind of person that really makes you feel seen. She is observant, very capable of critical thinking, but at the same time with a very positive attitude. This makes me want to bring out the best in myself."


Christien Oudshoorn

Facilitator and coach at Human Dimensions.



"Mila has demonstrated the ability to influence cross functional teams within the organization to exceed expectations. Come to mind the launch of a toy brand in which she had to influence finance, demand planning and sales.


If you are looking for someone that can help you to lean in your strengths, move out of your comfort zone, develop actionable strategies, with simple yet meaningful goal setting and score cards to measure results while having fun, you should reach out to Milagros"


Cecilia Gaye-Schnell 

Divisional VP Walmart



"In her own leadership role, Mila showed energy to work towards goals, formed an awesome team and was respectful to everyone while always staying calm, kind and happy. If having her as a coach would lead to just understanding a percentage of that leadership style, it's worth it!"


 Kai Wengenroth

 Director Multiplatform Products & Operations  EEMEA 

 Viacom International Media Networks



"Mila demonstrated a professionalism that I strive to embody. She taught me how to remain calm and confident in the face of challenging colleagues.


Mila is an asset to any team she leads. She has the unique ability to simultaneously be a leader and a partner. She leverages the diverse strengths of her team and can build a successful strategy from her resources. She is fearless and innovative. I hope I can work on her team again one day."


Emily Mandelbaum

Director, Content Strategy, Conversa Health