Soft skills and hard experience


As someone who was born and raised in Venezuela, I have an optimistic view and a desire to learn both personally and professionally. This spirit of adventure and curiosity led to an incredible journey that has taken me from Caracas to Boston,  Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Miami, Berlin and Amsterdam.


Every step of the way I remained endlessly passionate and a little goofy, always applying innovation and creativity to reframe and tackle challenges.


As a people-focused manager I promoted diverse teams and an environment in which people could speak up and work at their best in order to reach personal and common goals. I always aimed to achieve societal impact by collaborating on projects that make a difference in people lives.


Positioned for a Solutionary future


My high-level career has enabled me to gain a broad managerial view by managing full business units P&Ls and operational budgets, reaching revenue targets, and supervising multifunctional teams.


My new role is to apply all this experience and know-how in a more concentrated form by helping organizations and individuals to meet their evolution and transformation objectives. In doing so I am to make a neutral, impactful and positive difference over a short timeframe, without becoming distracted by other issues.


Career steps


J.Walter Thompson

Even while pursuing my college degree, I worked as a copywriter and held junior roles in PR and advertising with this global communications group.



My experience with J, Walter Thompson led to a Marketing position with Mattel in Venezuela. At Mattel I worked in  number of different marketing  positions for brands across Latin America and Europe. I was involved in all aspects of launching new products and gained valuable digital experience.


Mead Johnson Nutrition

I was European Marketing Director for this major food manufacturer, based in Amsterdam. This required me to act within a tight regulatory environment while meeting challenges in relations to governmental institutions.



Based in Berlin, I led a multidisciplinary team at  Nickelodeon Northern Europe responsible to bring content via linear and digital channels. I also worked with development teams designing multiplatform tools and engaged with clients in order to sell brand solutions, advertising and multiple digital products.   


A change of direction


After leaving Berlin I returned to Amsterdam and enrolled in programs on Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking and Design Thinking. I also took an intensive Dutch course and spent six months at THNK, an Amsterdam community and network of creative leaders that seeks to solve structurally complex or changing situations.


At THNK I worked with teams that envisioned concepts to address the needs of an aging population, as well as the integration obstacles facing refugees in the city of Amsterdam. In doing so I used prototyping and experimentation, explored business models and scalable opportunities for these endeavor projects.


Alongside this, I am collaborating as co-founder on two social ventures:

  • Project Awake: A platform geared to empower women by promoting gender equality and turning empathy into action.
  • Venezuela 3.0: A database of Venezuelan professionals abroad that supports rebuilding efforts within communities in need.


Solutionary Leadership


After completing THNK’s executive leadership program I started working on my own; mentoring and coaching new managers on leadership challenges while helping them grow and become the leaders they can be.

I also starting collaborating with small business and independent professionals on business development and/or strategic plans. That’s how Solutionary Leadership got started.


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