A Solutionary Approach to Innovation and Transformation

Scaling-up, scaling-down…repositioning, refocusing, re-imagining…


During a successful corporate career, I saw it all and I delivered it all, across a variety of sectors, major companies and territories. It was always exciting, often inspiring and never boring. Above all, it taught me how to analyze, strategize and organize projects of all types – structural, corporate, team-related or personal.


A Solutionary Approach


As my career progressed, I noticed how the (business) world was changing. Sudden, arbitary, and top-down change was no longer effective. Instead, the need emerged for a solutionary approach that arrives at a better way of working through a combination of invention and consensus. A more fluid and inclusive path that leads to evolution, not only revolution.


That’s where I step in with all my experience, passion and motivational professional and personal skills. In doing so I bring an objective perspective and a positive spirit to the task of finding a solution that takes you forward. And because I’m doing so much of the heavy lifting, you are free to focus on your day-to-day business operations.


Solid experience


My solutionary approach was evolved and practiced at companies as diverse as Mattel, Nickleodeon and Mead Johnson Nutrition. Across multiple territories in the US, Latin America and Europe. And for projects involving organization restructuring, product launches, regulatory impacts, leadership transitioning and others like:

  • Launching Nicknight, a new on-air and digital platforms brand targeted to millennials, in German speaking countries
  • Mentoring and coaching new managers on leadership challenges while helping them grow into the leaders they can be by exploding their potential.
  • Collaborating with small business and independent professionals on different projects. I.e: business development and/or strategic plans.
  • Led project team that developed & launched a VOD app called Nick Jr Watch and Learn in Northern Europe App won a Lovie Award on the category Mobile: Education & Reference.

If you’d like to find out more and what I can do for your organization or your personal goals, I’d love to meet you! 



"Mila has a great ability to 'make things happen' and get people on board. Mila has a structured and non-invasive way of prompting people to participate."

Christien Oudshoorn, Facilitator and coach at Human Dimensions.


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One on One business Coaching

  • Helping business leaders to imagine and implement a Solutionary approach to problems and opportunities.
  • Supporting new managers as they step up to supervisory positions.

Solutionary Marketing and branding 


  • Align marketing and brand strategies with overarching business goals.
  • Create action plans that reinforce brand positioning.
  • Ensure real returns from marketing investments.
  • Social media and digital advice.

Jam sessions &  idea generation

  • Releasing playfulness to spark Solutionary ideas within multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Challenging boundaries to ignite innovation and creativity